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The Mafalda company was founded in the 1970s with the ambition of becoming a reliable partner for the industry. From the beginning, the company, which takes its name from its founder’s grandmother, has put crucial values such as reliability and precision first, which over the years has secured the trust of many companies that have chosen it for their business.

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Mafalda Industries History


Mafalda is founded, a mechanical engineering workshop by Palladino Flavio.

Acquisition of the first Fimap CNC turning machine with ECS control system.

Location of the headquarters from Torre Pellice to Bibiana.

Acquisition of a Kitamura CNC machining centre and a Mazak CNC turning machine.

In 1998 the company has also seen the arrival of the founder’s son, who has made his contribution to the growth of the company. Further more the construction of a new production hall.

Acquisition of the 5 – axis MCM – centre: action testa tilting.

The growth has been constant and in 2007 a business unit dedicated to the Automotive Industry was created.

After the first large order in 2008 from a foundry in the Canavese area for the production of a part for the Renault, the activity continued regularly thanks to the latter, which continued to order parts despite the market downturn following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. After 2008, there was an exponential growth and the company received new, increasingly powerful equipment, such as the first inverted vertical turning machine, which was essential to carry out orders in the best possible way.

In 2010, an important collaboration was initiated with SKF, a leading manufacturer of bearings. The collaboration proved so fruitful that a new dedicated factory was opened in 2014. In the meantime, the company has further expanded and acquired a new machine, the Famar Tandem 200.

With the death of the founder, the two branches of the company were once again united under the direction of his son, who has continued to operate with the same professionalism as always but with an even greater focus on the technologies of the future.


Since 2018, Mafalda has been made up of two poles, dedicated respectively to the industrial and automotive sectors, characterised by flexibility and attention to each specific need and, since 2019, named Mafalda Industries.

Today, as in the past, at Mafalda Industries we carry out each project with passion and professionalism, with full respect for the client’s needs, always guaranteeing those who choose us, results that comply with expectations, even in the most complex processes.
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