A team of specialised technicians is at the customer’s disposal to create customised solutions according to their needs. The Engineering & Solutions division accompanies the entire project process: from the feasibility study to the selection of the most suitable technology and machine.

For years, Mafalda aims  to be a 360° partner for its clients, offering all the advice and experience it has acquired over years of work.

Mafalda Industries: Turnkey Solutions for Companies

With the help of qualified suppliers, Mafalda Industries offers its customers the finished part, starting with the supply of the raw material, hot forming, grey cast iron, aluminium die casting, etc.

It also offers multi-axis machining from small sizes up to 2200 mm, painting and other heat treatments, up to small assemblies.

All our production processes are managed in accordance with the law in order to guarantee the customer the desired quality and reliability.

The presence of leading edge technologies allows us to increase the precision and quality of the product and ensure an excellent end result.