Precision is a characteristic that has always distinguished Mafalda Industries. It is preciousely because of the great reliability in precision engineering that many renowned customers have entrusted us with their work for years.

Thanks to extremely up-to-date and advanced machinery, we are able to ensure full compliance with tolerances and deliver products according to the customer requirements.

We are able to undertake precision metal machining on behalf of third parties and the manufacture of large parts, including with 4-5 axis machines.

The measuring room, equipped with Zeiss Accura CMM, also allows us to ensure  always the highest precision when measuring the mechanical components.

The correctness of our working methods, in full compliance with regulations and always under the banner of maximum quality, has also been confirmed by the certifications acquired in this field, such as IATF 16949 and ISO 9001.

Quality always comes first for us, as well as the attention to the environment, and for this reason we have 6 employees specifically dedicated to the certification.

Mafalda Industries ranges from small milling operations with 4-axis machining centres in continuous pallet 500 to 5-axis machining with pallet changer of Ø2200mm with a maximum table load of 5000 kg. In turning, we can reach machining of Ø1350 with a vertical turning machine with pallet changer and machining of diameters up to Ø1000 with a battery of 3 vertical turning machines. Smaller diameters are machined with motorised horizontal turning machines.

Why choose a company specialised in precision engineering?

Choosing a company that is specialised in precision engineering and has a proven success record in this field is crucial to ensure that tolerances and delivery deadlines are respected.

Mafalda Industries also invests continuously in measuring equipment, as the company believes that quality can only be achieved with adequate equipment.

Why choose Mafalda Industries

Our mission is to respond effectively and reliably to the needs of those who counts on us by providing valuable solutions in a timely manner.

Excellence in machining, flexibility and constant updating of the machinery and operators: these are our priorities to satisfy our customers in terms of precision machining for third parties.