Mafalda Industries of a partner to the Automotive Industry for mechanical processing for many years.

In fact, we can guarantee companies that count on us for the production of car components, the highest level of flexibility and the ability to carry out even the most complex processes in a short time and in full compliance with deadlines.

Thanks to a well-structured technical department and equipment that is able to measure automatically and therefore avoid human error, we always ensure the highest precision in every process.

Precision and reliability at the service of the Automotive Industry

Precision and reliability are key elements in the Automotive Industry. For this reason, we have developed special measuring machines that are able to ensure high accuracy in every measurement.

Above all, this new philosophy has allowed us to keep the various processes under control and, thanks to a large amount of very reliable statistical data, we have been able to  reduce significantly quality problems at the root. In this way, we have made the measuring device no longer a firewall for non-conformities, but a tool for collecting statistical data that allows us to intervene at the origin of the problem.

Mafalda Industries: Leading-edge technologies

Our focus on innovation and leading-edge technologies has led us to identify increasingly sophisticated technologies. For example, we have acquired robot cells for loading and unloading.

Thanks to the acquisition of leading-edge technologies, Mafalda Industries can process different types of products and materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron and aluminium alloys.

Customised solutions for the Automotive Industry

We create customised solutions for automotive components, to ensure, that those, who counts on us, receives a high quality product, that can really be adapted to their needs, in full compliance with the regulations.

Furthermore, the acquired competence and experience allow us to manage the most complex works in the best possible way with high attention to finalisation and details.

Mafalda Industries: Quality and precision

For us, quality and flexibility are priorities and we dedicate ourselves every day to making our products ever more precise. We do this to be ever more responsive to the needs of those who count on us, both for machining large parts and for machining small parts.